I just finished reading an article about when you are the most creative, and it turns out that you are the most creative when you are either tired or drunk.  Both of these conditions have to do with the fact that your brain is allowed to wonder and not focus on any particular task.  I just happen to have had some wine this evening and I am quite tired.  Hence the origins of this post: The drunk post.

What kind of ideas can I come up with?

How about an app to help you de-stress when dealing with potty training your child?

How about an online web service that lets you keep track of different time-senstitive events throughout the day to discover patterns that you would otherwise miss?

A simple way to manage all your chores and automate them away?  Might be interesting.  Actually, I think that is what TaskRabbit is all about.

What kind of pancake recipies can I create?  We already have a great Coconut Pancake recipe - maybe something with Mangos? Other tropical fruit?   Pineapple pancakes sound tasty.  What else?

Need to find the best landscaper around - I'm trying to outsource this to India, maybe it could work.

What else can I think of?  I'm not quite sure, but I it will be a few days before I figure something else out.  I'm getting close to the end of this post and thought it would be a great idea to link out to the original article I found.  Here it is:


Thanks for reading my randomness this evening.  I hope everyone has a fun Thursday tomorrow.


P.S. Norton Malbec 2008 was my vintage of choice this evening.