Yesterday I put up my first test of creativity - The Drunk Post.  I had a couple of glasses of wine last night and had just read an article that put forth the idea that your brain is most creative when you are either drunk or tired.  The idea is that your brain is allowed to wonder and not focus on any specific task while in these states.  This morning I am testing the tired part of the equation.  The article indicated that this would also work fairly well in the morning, before coffee, breakfast, or anything else - so here I am again.

So what can I think of this morning? How does somebody actually be creative without thinking about it?

How about products that I can sell online?  I'm trying to determine my next experimental product to field test for my automated income muse.  I have tried many things over the years, a billiards training course, a wordpress setup service, some free-traffic systems that were obviously a bad idea, and most recently a QR code lost-and-found.  I have been toying with an idea for a Geeks only dating guide, but quite honestly I have been out of the game for too long to offer anything of real value in this area.  Maybe some piece of online software?  

In my day-to-day tasks one of the biggest problems seem centered around making sure databases are synchronized between multiple locations.  The biggest problem with keeping databases synchronized is that there is no record of when the values in the database change, so there can be no effective synchronization.  Dumping the database tables to an export file and then storing that in GIT seems like a rather cumbersome process.  I want this to be automated as much as possible.  If I can't flag the records with a modification time stamp (I'm not allowed to modify the tables), maybe I can create my own?  I was reading something yesterday about used a checksum to detect modifications.  If I track individual tables in the database, export them to a file, then run a checksum on that file and compare it to the checksums from the other databases that are supposed to be synchronized???  That way I can only copy those tables that have changed, which is what I want because I don't want to clobber any settings or preferences.  The only issue I can see if that there is no easy method to keep specific values in those synched tables fixed for specific environments.  You don't want your development database settings table to be changed when your production level system settings change - at least not necessarily.  I will need to flag individual records for synchronization then.  This seems like it is a fairly good idea, maybe I will run with it in my own time.

Anyway, here is the original article on creativity again.  I hope everyone has a good day.