Happy New Year everyone! This post has been delayed by several days so I could complete my first round of research. I am starting the year off with a brand new project. I need to get my mobile app business up and running again, it has been side-lined for far too long. I need to publish a lot of apps to build up my personal network, and the new year gives me the perfect reason to get back into the market.

Here is my plan of attack:

  • 1 week of research in the app store to figure out what kind of app is doing well right now
  • 2-3 weeks of development and testing
  • 1 week of free promotions to get a strong user base
  • 4-6 weeks of A/B testing to dial in everything for maximum effectiveness.

Once I upload an app to the store, I intend to start researching the next app immediately. This plan (assuming it works as designed) should produce between 8 and 10 apps this year, which is a lot considering that most major app productions take at least 2-3 months (usually longer).

So how will I know if an app is a success or a failure? Here is my criteria for a winning app:

1) $10 per day in overall sales (App purchase or In-app purchase)

2) 100 downloads per day minimum.

3) At least 1 review per week.

Any app not meeting these criteria after the 4-6 week dialing-in period will be shelved. This applies to my existing apps as well, of which only one produces any income at all. Since it is an established app it will go right to the dialing-in phase.

I am excited about this process, if for no other reason than to get back into the market and figure out how to really make and market great apps.