Moving away from my server

This site is now hosted on Github pages. Why? Simple: I hate dealing with hackers. Last year someone broke into my server and messed up a bunch of my sites. Thankfully I had backups of everything and was able to get things up and running again, but it cost me my entire weekend. For anyone who has small children, you know there are only so many of those available. Losing even one is unacceptable.

So I decided to shut down my server. I gave my clients a full year to find new hosting. I have moved email and my website off the server. This gave me a change to try Jekyll, which I had been curious about. It’s straightforward to use for blogging purposes, and it provides just enough functionality for what I want to do.

Remaining To-Dos

  • Convert all my existing blog posts to markdown. This should be fun
  • Find a way to automatically update social media when I make a new post
  • Learn the Markdown syntax. Right now, I’m winging it.