I just spent the last several hours searching for the cause of an error in one of my mobile app projects.  Keep in mind that this same project already works in the simulator on iPhone and iPad.  I was trying to get it to build for the actuall device, and I ran into this error  This particular error manifested itself as an error in the compiler with the oh-so-helpful statement that it was SystemCode: 65.  

After a lot of searching online and several dead ends, I finally figured out that this particular error seems to be a catch-all for the Appcelerator compiler whenever anything goes wrong with the Xcode build of an app.  In my particular case a module that talks to Google Analytics was the source of my frustration.  I downloaded an updated version of the module and it now seems to work perfectly.  

I didn't figure this out by asking for help from other developers on some random forums or some fantastic tutorial on how get apps distributed for testing with Titanium. No, I finally broke down and read through the build log.  I know, seems like an obvious answer, but it is kind of like asking for directions - it's almost an insult to my ego that I would stoop so low as to actually read through the build log.  I know, it's stupid, but the truth.  Let this be a lesson to any other developers who think they know better than the compiler -- YOU DON'T.

In any case, it solved the problem.  The app now builds and installs on my device.  Hopefully the client will find it to their liking :).  It's 12:15 in the morning, I'm going to sleep right after I send the app to the client.