(Ok, Braveheart moment over)

It has been a full two weeks since I quit my job and became a full time independent software developer. I have been swamped with projects, and I'm having a little trouble keeping up with everything - very surprising for December. I also managed to secure a contract with my former company to help them with the transition, so they are not left high and dry and I get paid effectively the same amount for half the amount of time :)

Things I have enjoyed about the process:

1) Spending more time with my family - HUGE improvement.
2) Setting up my home office - it's nice to have a 3 second commute.
3) Working with the knowledge that every second I spend is for myself and not contributing to someone else's bottom line.
4) Saving gas money - no more commute = $150+ dollars per month in gas.
5) Savings on lunch - Eating every meal at home saves a huge amount, on average about $180 per month.

Things I have not enjoyed or had trouble with:

1) Getting into the shower before I have to start working. Despite what they say about working in your pajamas all day, it isn't that great. I feel much better writing code after I have had a shower.
2) The friendships from the office. Working from home is great, but it is also isolating. I need to make it a point to get out and meet up with friends from the office every once in a while.
3) The feeling of security that a paycheck brings. I need to build up a cushion of at least 6 months of mortgage payments before I will feel better about this.

Overall I am much less stressed and much happier working from home, for myself, on projects for my clients. This is a difficult thing to do, don't make any mistake about that, but it is also one of the best things I have done in a long time.