Here is a list of my goals for 2011.  I don't make resolutions as they have a tendency to be abandonded and not well defined.  A goal however must be well defined in order for you to reach it.  Here are mine for this year:

1)   I will bring my automatic monthly income up to $10,000 with new online services I will create by the end of the year.
2)  I will weigh 190 lbs. by July 31st.
3) I will pay off my car by June 1st. ($3000)
4)  I will create and publish 5 new iPhone apps to the App Store.
5)  I will purchase an iPad by April 2nd. ($600)
6)  I will pay off the water filter by the end of the year ($3,000)
7)  I will pay off my credit card by the end of the year ($10,000)
8)  I will test 3 new muse ideas by June 1st.

For those that are interested in following my weight loss progress, you can follow along at  I will be posting my progress on a daily basis starting tomorrow.  Be warned, there will be photographic documentation of what I eat as well as my body appearance.

If you are wondering what a muse is, check out  

I will post a progress report on these goals at the start of the next quarter (April 1st).

Happy New Year everyone!