Today I received an email from myself that I sent 5 years ago using In it is listed the top 11 things that I expected to have accomplished by the time I got to this date. It turns out that I have accomplished 6 of them, not too bad. Here is the list that I sent myself from December 18th, 2005 - I have starred the ones that I have accomplished.

1) Finish graduate school - always finish what you start.
2) Earn 1 million dollars, at least. This one is non-negotiable.
* 3) Get married to someone you love and that loves you back.
* 4) Buy a home somewhere you like.
* 5) Have at least one child.
6) Help Vania and Chris with Sierra.
7) Become financially independant so that you never have to work another day of your life if you don't want to.
8) Travel to Paris, Venice, and Ireland. These are the places you really wanted to see as of this date.
* 9) Send you Mom and Dad to Hawaii for a few weeks. They have earned it.
* 10) Make sure David is alright, or at least that he has moved out of your parents house and gotten a hair cut.
* 11) Get a dog!

Ok, so I didn't send my folks to Hawaii - they went on their own. David is fine, he did move out and thank goodness he got a haircut. I ended up getting two dogs, so maybe that should count for double points? I live in a great place in a wonderful home and I'm married to the greatest woman I could imagine. Our daughter is here and I couldn't be happier with her.

As for the unfinished stuff I will probably not be finishing my graduate thesis, and the million dollars isn't my goal any more. I would much prefer a large monthly income that can finance our lifestyle than a solid $1 Million in the bank. Vania and Chris don't need my help with Sierra, they are doing just fine. Financial independence is still in the works, stay tuned for details. As for Paris, Venice, and Ireland they all still sound great and we will definitely go one day.

It's interesting to get this look back at the things I expected of myself five years ago, fun stuff!