I know, 2 years doesn't sound like much, but a lot has happened since my wife Heather and I got married so we decided to take a day just for ourselves. We dropped our daughter Zoe off at daycare and promptly went to Starbucks. We bought each other's drinks and purchased some custom mugs. I chose the metallic blue mug with the built in French Press - spiffy. Heather didn't get a mug, she chose a water bottle. They are both very nice, I intend to use mine when I go to work tomorrow.

We spent the rest of the day in Cambria, looking through the shops, having lunch, and generally just enjoying each others company. There was some construction happening on the main street in downtown, so we didn't stick around long. We found a couple of great little garden shops, a shop that caters to wine enthusiasts with several clever shirts and other merchandise. We also discovered this fantastic cheese at the restaurant where we ate lunch, Coltwold from England. It tastes like Lays sour cream and onion potato chips without the crunch, very nice.

We finally stopped for some wine tasting at Castoro Cellars on our way home. Since I am somewhat of a wine enthusiast, here is our tasting list with my notes on each wine:

Tango 2007 Reserve: There is a reason I don't like white wines, they do not inspire me. This one was no exception, skip it.

Pinot Noir 2007 Blind Faith Reserve: Fairly good, although rather typical of the region. Black cherries and oak abound. Give it a try, but I didn't buy the bottle.

Tempranillo 2006: This one I did buy, rich fruit flavors deserving of it's Spanish Heritage. Very nice.

Petite Sirah 2006 Stone's Throw Reserve: This was Heather's pic of the day, which we bought. Again, heavy on the fruit and oak, but not what I would expect from a Paso wine. This is a great wine to spend an evening with.

Due Mila Sette 2005: This is a Meritage (Blend), which is ok, but again we didn't buy it. If I were to have purchased it off the shelf without tasting it first I would have finished it, but I wouldn't buy it again.

All the bottles we bought were about $20/bottle. I am sure that they can be purchased for less in the store, but it's our Anniversary - so we bought the bottles :)

Today was a great day for us, I hope yours was just as good.