Today I had a very simple goal, to create a list of article and blog post titles with which to populate my new affiliate marketing blog network with. I decided to take advantage of the downtime that I talked about in my post yesterday, I only wrote down new article title ideas while I was in the car (I wasn't driving) in between destinations. I was able to come up with a total of 50 article titles just in the time that it took to run our morning errands! I am completely shocked that I was able to get this many article ideas out of my head before the morning was gone. I wasn't able to work on any of these articles tonight though, I was working on a way to automatically deploy my blog structure instead. My friend and co-worker Kennon Brown came up with the idea, and I must say that it works beautifully. Total setup time for a new Wordpress blog with all my pages, plugins, themes, and media is less than 1 minute! There are just a few minor adjustments to make once the blog is deployed, but it is definitely a huge improvement over the initial 2 hours that I took to setup the first blog. I now have a total of three blogs in the network up and running, I should be able to get the last three going by tomorrow evening. This is great stuff!