I have been trying to figure out the best way to submit my articles to multiple sites without spending a huge amount of time looking for article sites, signing up, and then filling out the forms for each one over, and over, and over.  I remembered that I bought a software package a while back called SEO Elite that does this kind of thing for me so I decided to resurrect it.  After updating to the latest version I tried submitting one of the articles that has been doing well on ezinearticles.com to the article sites that are listed in SEO Elite.  I found that most of the directories listed in the software have been updated so their submission URLs are different, the domains are up for sale, or the article sites were just plain gone.  I did find quite a few that still worked, so I plan on submitting to them from now on.  For reference, here are the sites that worked (in no particular order)

I am also trying out associatedcontent.com, which actually pays you for your articles - sometimes up front, sometimes on performance, and you can even take on one of their assignments and get paid for it.  Don't plan on getting rich though, from what I can tell their average payment amount is just $2.

If you are interested in SEO Elite, I must caution you - it isn't cheap.  There are a lot more tools than just the article submitter though and they all do exactly what they advertise.  You can find it by going to http://seoelite.com