So far the results of my iPhone app getting published have been encouraging. I have made a total of 20 sales, which isn't bad for just a few days. I am completely happy that people are finding this application useful. Time will tell what the monthly total will be, but I am looking forward to finding out.

I did find out that someone has created a flash card application for the iPhone. It wasn't there when I checked earlier this year, but it was only a matter of time. I am considering looking into making a game instead, but I have been down this road before. I seriously lack in the game level design and graphics departments. I can always farm these out, but that can get expensive. I have started looking at some of the highest grossing games that are available for the iPhone to see if I can pick up any tips on how to make a great game for this platform. So far, the keys seem to be simplicity of user interaction (limited inputs) and addictive game play. The other thing that seems to be common is a leader board so you can compare your progress in the game with other players. This, plus integration with Facebook and Twitter seem to be the primary components that make up a great iPhone game.

On other fronts I have not been able to write any new articles for any of my sites. There have been too many other projects going on that I needed to get finished before this weekend. My in-laws are coming to town, they want to go to Farmers Market in SLO (fantastic if you've never been) and help us with some stuff around the house. I'm sure that the Coffee Cake at Corner View is also something of an attraction. With the major projects out of the way I hope to get at least a few new articles up this weekend. The good news is that these sites are starting to get some traffic, but it is just a trickle. I need to publish more content!

That's it for now, until next time Champagne wishes and Caviar Dreams!