Holy crap, I actually managed to get work done today! There are some pretty big things happening at my office, all of which require that the current projects get finished much sooner than originally anticipated. This means that I need to get my work done, and with as few interruptions as possible. I spent my entire afternoon offsite, working from my laptop. I must have gotten at least three or four days worth of work done while I was there - just WOW! The best part is that the higher-ups want me to take the entire day tomorrow and continue undisturbed. I really hope this is a trend, I enjoy what I do and can really produce some great stuff when I get going like that.

On the passive income stream front, it looks like my iPhone app has made it back into the main review process again. Hopefully it will get approved and I will be able to publish it! Even if it just gets me enough cash to earn back the developers license for this year I will be completely happy. As mentioned in my previous posts I am considering a flash card application to help students study. If this first app deploys well, I will be that much more motivated to complete the next app.

On the lighter side of things, I saw someone with an actual iPad today. I haven't seen one up close until now, it looks freakin' awesome! If iPhone OS 4.0 lives up to all the hype, I will absolutely need to get one of these and start building apps specifically for it.

That's it for now, sleep tight!