I have had a very productive evening, despite my earlier set backs in the first part of the day. I have successfully submitted two new articles to EzineArticles.com, one on learning Spanish, the other on cue handling in pool. I also added a new page to my affiliate site about how to maximize your spanish classes, and a new blog post to poolhalltutor.com about the billiards mental game and how to improve it. This is the most content I have ever written in a single night, over 1500 words! I don't really enjoy content writting, but when I am able to focus on it, I can get a lot done. I still haven't head back about my iPhone app, it may still be a couple of days. I need to look into how to get a UIView to flip over for the flash card app I am considering building, that should be fun. If anyone can recommend a tutorial, please post it back to me.

Have a great evening everyone