As I have stated previously, I do not make resolutions.  I find that resolutions are easily forgotten or broken.  I do however create goals and projects.  Such things are far more well defined and can thus be broken down into smaller pieces in order to determine progress and success.

Here is my very short list for 2013:

  1. Publish at least one iPhone app to the app store each month as part of my app network.  Each app should take no longer than 2 weeks to create given a 1-2 hour per night schedule. 
  2. Make at least $10,000 total from the app store using my app network.  I currently only have one app in the network that is making any reasonable amount of money, about $360 per year.  If I have increase the average from $30 per month to $1000 per month, per app I should get this.  Adventures in app marketing.
  3. Pay off our computer, bed, water filter, and credit card debt:  Total amount = $13,700

That's it.  Nothing fancy.

Happy New Year everyone!