It has been WAY more than a week since we stopped using the microwave, it's been almost 2 months!  The first week is the hardest.  We actually had a couple of slip-ups mostly out of habit I think.  We actually had to place an 'Out of Order' sign on the door handle to remind us not to use the thing.  After about two weeks, we didn't miss it or have any inclination to use it.

I will say that the microwave does make things easier to do some times.  We are washing a lot of pots several times per day.  When you can't use the microwave, you have to use the stove top.  The oven is the next big thing that gets used nearly every day. You also need to plan ahead a bit if you have a limited amount of time to prepare a meal - like on my lunch break.  I actually have a reminder set to go off at 11:45am to prompt me to pre-heat the oven if I have to.

We also had to make a shift in some of the types of things we make.  We can't make microwave popcorn any more, so we now have an actual pop-corn popper.  I absolutely love it, as I now have direct control over the amount of salt, butter, and other seasonings that go into the popcorn.  I have been nearly obsessed with making the perfect movie-style popcorn from scratch, and I'm getting pretty close.  Hint: clarified butter, coconut oil, and popcorn salt in just the right proportions - yummy!

Overall, switching to a non-microwave household isn't all that difficult, you just have to get used to it. Everything seems to taste just a little but better, and while there are more dishes to be done, it's just something you get used to.  Definitely glad we made the switch.