I have recently been exposed to the technique of creating a large volume of ideas in order to come up with just a few good ones.  In an effect to explore this I am going to write 100 ideas for mobiles apps.  Since I am going to be making a living in this area of software development I need a large inventory of ideas to start with.  I'm not judging the quality of each of these ideas, I'm going for quantity here.  Some of these are going to be silly, some outragous, and hopefully a few will make the final grade and turn into usable, and profitable apps.

  1. Ice cream builder game
  2. Food logging app with online posting
  3. Facebook friend tracking - GPS
  4. Google event handler for publishing posts
  5. Noodle maker
  6. Dog training logger
  7. Baby monitor
  8. Hand sanitizer
  9. Head measuring app
  10. Candle lighter
  11. Firewood finder
  12. Envelope printing app
  13. Kindle book reader and document converter
  14. Website design app
  15. Capture the flag tracking app
  16. Shoe size finder
  17. Friend locator
  18. 3D imersion video game using gyroscope for orientation
  19. Star field viewer from random points in the universe
  20. Wedding ring finder
  21. Choosing the perfect bottle of wine for your meal
  22. Getting your guests to leave app
  23. Newspaper boy thrasher
  24. Lawn care recomendations app
  25. Home decoration guide
  26. Monopoly opponent finder
  27. Blog advertising app
  28. Advertising progress tracker
  29. Advertising idea generator
  30. Water feature designer
  31. Water flow analyser
  32. Fluid dynamics reference
  33. Programmers reference for Joomla
  34. Joomla component designer
  35. Component creation for iPhone applications
  36. iPhone app to recommend other iphone apps based on your current personal preferences
  37. Learning app that guesses your next move in a game.
  38. Artificial inteligence speech coach
  39. Text to speech translator
  40. Translator for migrating a PHP application to a mobile app.
  41. Web application interface that controlls a mobile app
  42. Image processing to reveal hidden text
  43. Conspiracy theories collection
  44. Classic consipracy theories and superstitions
  45. Book library reference
  46. Book affiliate app for browsing through the Amazon Sci-Fi collection.
  47. Sci-Fi adventure game combining multiple characters from difference television shows.
  48. Television show index and trivia app
  49. Trivia game with multiple versions and platforms
  50. UFO hot spot locator
  51. Alien hunter game
  52. Ghost sighting database
  53. UFO designer app
  54. Networked trivia game
  55. Sock puppet maker
  56. Laundra-mat locator
  57. Bill reducer app
  58. Financial assistance database
  59. Unclaimed scholarship database
  60. College hang-out finder
  61. Magazine recommendations based on music library contents
  62. Kids animated match game
  63. Kids story telling app
  64. Netflix downloader
  65. Tax buddy - reducing your taxes all year
  66. Coffee assistant - brew the perfect cup every time
  67. Dog GPS tracking
  68. Kid GPS locator and tracker
  69. Peer-to-peer range and direction finder
  70. Cartoon character dress-up app
  71. Dress-your-dog designer app.
  72. Camera to camera file transfer using flash as signal generator
  73. Gyger Counter
  74. First-Aid reference
  75. DIY library and refernce
  76. WWMD - What Would MacGyver Do app
  77. Networked battleship game
  78. Howling impersonation
  79. Palm Karaoke
  80. Baby cry interpreter.
  81. Police band scanner
  82. How to talk your way out of a speeding ticket
  83. Retina scanner
  84. Rubber band snapper - stress releif
  85. Yoga breath coach
  86. Pregnancy breathing coach
  87. Sleep breathing timer
  88. Sleep cycle reader
  89. Dream interpretation
  90. Sign language interpreter
  91. Sign language reference
  92. Sign language trainer
  93. Dream journal
  94. Toddler Interpreter
  95. Zoo Maps
  96. Dignity analyser
  97. Etch-a-scetch simulator
  98. Gyroscopic mouse
  99. Party planning helper
  100. Death Ray

That's not too bad for just over an hour of brain storming and free-writing.  Remember, these don't have to make sense or even be possible from a technical perspective.  The point was to get as many ideas out there as possible and the cherry pick the good ones.  Going back over the list, I think my top 10 are as follows:

Baby Monitor
Envelope Printing App
Trivia game with multiple versions and platforms
UFO Hotspot Locator 
Sock puppet maker 
WWMD - What Would MacGyver Do app
Palm Karaoke 
Retina scanner
Etch-a-scetch simulator
Gyroscopic mouse 

Do you have a favorite?  I'm open to suggestions, comments, and even hate mail.  I'm going to go over each of the top ten and figure out which ones I'm going to actually build.  This has been a really fun exercise, and it seems to have produced some really interesting app ideas.