Today was supposed to be the day that Heather and her Dad thinned our flock of chickens by 15 birds down to 11, but it turns out that after dispatching two of the fattest birds they are still too small. There will be another attempt in a few weeks when they have a chance to grow a bit more. On the plus side of things there are two VERY fresh birds sitting in our fridge and the only hint that anything went on was a small feather sitting in the sink when I got home. Much better than the big pile of birds I was expecting.
Heather didn't actually kill either of these birds, so it's still unclear if she has the stomach for it. We do know that she can process the birds after they are dead though, which is a good start. For our first meal we are going to have our standard pan-cooked chicken, which is awesome with a store-bought bird so I am really looking forward to tomorrow night! I will not be posting any pictures as that would just be a little too much for me. For those that don't know, we are keeping the rooster - he has been given the name Pedro, I don't know why. After the rest of the culling has been completed we will probably name the others. For now, I am thinking tasty thoughts and getting my BBQ warmed up for the main event.