I love weekends for projects! So much got done today, and especially because I had help! My friend Kennon Brown came over early this morning to help with the project. I had started the nesting box last night, but was no where near finished as there were too many boards to cut before sundown - so it was finished this morning. While that was going on, Kennon was preparing the roof framing boards to go up. He cut the angles and the notches in the boards so they would sit on the outer frames better.
Since this building is modified from the original plans, the height of the roof had to be increased to allow the angle to the roof to remain the same. Who knew that I would ever get to use the Pythagorean Theorem again - and the thing actually works in the real world! The angle stayed the same, which was a good thing because 14 2x4s had been cut using my calculations - hurray for High School math class.

Once the roof beams were up, the tar paper and roofing slats went up next. The number of boards was off by 2, but it turns out that I didn't need them because using one of the smaller boards worked out great. There are still some spacing problems, but nothing some flassing at the roof crest can't fix :).

At this point, it was too hot to continue working. The high temperature in Atascadero was 105 today, so we stopped. Kennon had a movie to catch anyway, and work couldn't resume until after 6pm. Now on my own, I managed to get an entire wall of plywood cut and put up! That is where I left it for tonight as it got too dark, but tomorrow should see the remaining three walls go up along with the roof ridge flashing, nesting box lid, chicken door, and if I am really good the main door to the coop!

As you can tell, it has been an eventful day - and the project is nearing completion!

Thanks again to my Dad and Kennon for their help with the coop this week, it would be nowhere near as complete without the two of you. Also thanks to my wife Heather for being so understanding since I have spent all of my time with the coop and almost none with her and Zoe.

Next Steps: Three remaining walls, doors, nesting box lid, and wire mesh to keep out the predators. Then, bring on the chickens!