Spoiler Alert - DO NOT READ if you haven't seen the show!

The end has finally come for LOST, and while the creators of the show were able to end the story very well I still feel like a lot of questions were left unanswered.  I am a geek, and I like science facts.  With all the build up with the Heiroglyphs on the walls, the Lighthouse with the weird mirror, the signifigance of the numbers, and the warning from Jacob that 'they're coming" kinda left me hanging.  Ok, not kinda, really hanging.  I wanted to see an alien ship land and take back their crashed ship at the heart of the island or something like that.  I want to know what happened with the Nuclear blast in both timelines - it looks like it worked and didn't work, but what was the deciding factor there? Where did the original protector of the Island come from?  She said that she got there by accident, but that is really vague.

On the plus side of things the show has answered many questions.  The island seems to function as purgatory for lost spirits who can't move on.  The end of the last episode shows many of the main characters finding themselves which gives them the ability to move on themselves.  It isn't clear if everyone dies or if they just vanish in the next world (or whatever), but it was an interesting way to end things.  It gives the viewers hope that even though everything has to end sometime, there is always a new beginning for something else.  I think that it was nice that Vincent (the dog) came over to lay with Jack at the end in the same Bamboo forest where he landed.  Never doubt the wisdom and comfort of a golden retriever.

For me, I am very sad to see the show end.  They went out on their own terms instead of dragging on forever, but I don't feel any less loss for it.  What I will miss most is the music, which told more of the story than many people realize (try turning the sound down on an episode if you don't believe me).  I will miss the fun nicknames being dished out by Sawyer, and the comic relief provided by Hurley.  I will miss our weekly island getaway, and hope that some day we will get to visit again.

Farwell Lost, it's been a fun ride.