I have known about the ezinearticles.com title suggestion tool for a while now, but I never really understood the power of it until today.  One of my biggest problems when I sit down to write an article about one of my sites is coming up with the topic in the first place.  I can do keyword research, setup sites, and manage everything else, but I really struggle with content creation.  Here is the method that I have worked out that seems to make it the easier:

  1. Determine the keywords your articles will target.  Each keyword will be used in multiple articles, so having multiple keywords means more articles.
  2. Enter each set of keywords into the title suggestion tool.  It will suggest several article titles for you based on both the keywords and the category you intend to post it.  The best part is that you can reserve the titles once it makes some suggestions, so only you can use them (for 7 days, then they expire and become available for someone else.)  I typically choose between three and five titles depending on what is suggested.  This means three to five articles per keyword phrase, so if you have five keyword phrases you want to target you instantly have up to 25 articles you can write - Wow!
  3. Take a couple of hours each evening and run through articles for each set of keywords.  The titles that are suggested are usually enough for me to write a short 300-400 word article about them.  For instance, I chose three article titles tonight around the keyword 'Learning Spanish'.  I was able to finish them all within an hour, not to mention write this post telling everyone how to copy me ;)

For the record, you don't have to publish the articles in ezinearticles.com.  I fully intend to use this same method to create content for my actual sites as well as for articles.  Using the above method I described I intend to have a full set of 50 articles pointing back to my affiliate site in the next two weeks!  I am really excited about finally seeing all this come together, I'll post my results on a continuous basis but for right now I wish everyone a great evening.