It was certainly an interesting experience last night. My wife and I went out to dinner to celebrate the launch of my first iPhone app. We decided to go to Novo because we like the wine, the food, and we had a gift card. The wine was good, although I forgot to get the name and vintage for this post. The food was excellent as always, their curies are to die for. The best part though was the people watching which is always entertaining.

We got a couple of seats at the front of the restaurant facing the street, which is always the best spot for people watching on a Saturday night. Ww saw a couple of friends walk by that we used to hang out with before we became parents. There was a very drunk biker that came out of the Frog & Peach pub next door. When I say drunk, I mean he ran into the parking meter and spent 20 minutes trying to identify the keys for his bike. When he tried to get on his bike his 'Woman' came out and drove the bike home with him on the back. The highlight of the evening (especially for my Wife) was seeing Hector Elizando walk by the front of the restaurant. For those of you that need a reminder, here is his picture.


We really miss living in SLO, this kind of stuff just doesn't happen in Atascadero.